The LaTeCH annual workshop series aims to provide a forum for researchers who are working on aspects of natural language and information technology applications that pertain to data from the humanities, social sciences, and cultural heritage. The LaTeCH workshops were initially motivated by the growing interest in language technology research and applications for the cultural heritage domain. The scope has soon nevertheless broadened to also include the humanities and the social sciences.

Since the official formation of SIGHUM, the LaTeCH workshop series constitutes the SIGHUM annual workshop and the venue for the SIGHUM annual business meeting.

  • LaTeCH 2015 in conjunction with ACL-IJCNLP, July 30, 2015, Beijing, China
  • LaTeCH 2014 in conjunction with EACL, April 26, 2014, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • LaTeCH 2013 in conjunction with ACL, 8 August 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • LaTeCH 2012 in conjunction with EACL,  April 24 2012, Avignon, France
  • LaTeCH 2011 in conjunction with ACL, June 24 2011, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • LaTeCH 2010 in conjunction with ECAI, August 16 2010, Lisbon, Portugal
  • LaTeCH 2009 in conjunction with EACL, 30 March 2009, Athens, Greece
  • LaTeCH 2008 in conjunction with LREC, June 1 2008, Marrakech, Morocco
  • LaTeCH 2007 in conjunction with ACL, June 28 2007, Prague, Czech Republic

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