Invited talk

Ted Underwood “Measurement and Human Perspective”

Regular talks

Juri Opitz, Leo Born, Vivi Nastase “Induction of a Large-Scale Knowledge Graph from the Regesta Imperii”

Matthias Orlikowski, Matthias Hartung, Philipp Cimiano “Learning Diachronic Analogies to Analyze Concept Change”

Andreas van Cranenburgh “Cliché expressions in literary and genre novels”

Timo Baumann, Hussein Hussein, Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek “Analysis of Rhythmic Phrasing: Feature Engineering vs. Representation Learning for Classifying Readout Poetry”

Frank Feder, Maxim Kupreyev, Emma Manning, Caroline Schroeder, Amir Zeldes “A Linked Coptic Dictionary Online”


LaTeCH-CLfL 2018 poster teaser presentations

Michelle Lam, Catherina Xu, Vinodkumar Prabhakaran, Angela Kong “Power Networks: A Novel Neural Architecture to Predict Power Relations”

Ina Rösiger, Sarah Schulz, Nils Reiter “Towards coreference for literary text: analyzing domain-specific phenomena”

Erik-Lân Do Dinh, Steffen Eger, Iryna Gurevych “One Size Fits Them All? A simple LSTM for non-literal token and construction-level classification”

Thomas Schmidt, Manuel Burghardt “An Evaluation of Lexicon-based Sentiment Analysis Techniques for the Plays of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing”

Maria Moritz, Johannes Hellrich, Sven Büchel “A Human-Interpretable Method to Predict Paraphrasticality”

Ildikó Pilán, Elena Volodina “Exploring word embeddings and phonological similarity for the unsupervised correction of language learner errors”