Invited talk

Detecting Intellectual Influence from Dynamic Word Embeddings
Jacob Eisenstein


Towards a contextualised spatial-diachronic history of literature: mapping emotional representations of the city and the country in Polish fiction from 1864 to 1939
Agnieszka Karlińska, Cezary Rosiński, Jan Wieczorek, Patryk Hubar, Jan Kocoń, Marek Kubis, Stanisław Woźniak, Arkadiusz Margraf and Wiktor Walentynowicz

The Distribution of Deontic Modals in Jane Austen’s Mature Novels
Lauren E. Levine

Every picture tells a story: Image-grounded controllable stylistic story generation
Holy Lovenia, Bryan Wilie, Romain M. Barraud, Samuel Cahyawijaya, Willy
Chung and Pascale Fung

Automatized Detection and Annotation for Calls to Action in Latin-American Social Media Postings
Wassiliki Siskou, Clara Giralt Mirón, Sarah Molina-Raith and Miriam Butt

Computational Detection of Narrativity: A Comparison Using Textual Features and Reader Response
Max Steg, Karlo H. R. Slot and Federico Pianzola

Measuring Presence of Women and Men as Information Sources in News
Muitze Zulaika, Xabier Saralegi and Iñaki San Vicente


Using Language Models to Improve Rule-based Linguistic Annotation of Modern Historical Japanese Corpora
Jerry Bonnell and Mitsunori Ogihara

Archive TimeLine Summarization (ATLS): Conceptual Framework for Timeline Generation over Historical Document Collections
Nicolas Gutehrlé, Antoine Doucet and Adam Jatowt

The COVID That Wasn’t: Counterfactual Journalism Using GPT
Sil Hamilton and Andrew Piper

Developing a tool for fair and reproducible use of paid crowdsourcing in the digital humanities
Tuomo Hiippala, Helmiina Hotti and Rosa Suviranta

Man vs Machine: Extracting Character Networks from Human and Machine Translations
Aleksandra Konovalova and Antonio Toral

To the Most Gracious Highness, from Your Humble Servant: Analysing Swedish 18th Century Petitions Using Text Classification
Ellinor Lindqvist, Eva Pettersson and Joakim Nivre

Prabhupadavani: A Code-mixed Speech Translation Data for 25 Languages
Jivnesh Sandhan, Ayush Daksh, Om Adideva Paranjay, Laxmidhar Behera and Pawan Goyal

Evaluation of Word Embeddings for the Social Sciences
Ricardo Schiffers, Dagmar Kern and Daniel Hienert

War and Pieces: Comparing Perspectives About World War I and II Across Wikipedia Language Communities
Ana Smith and Lillian Lee